Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There’s A Charlie Sheen, Diddy & Snoop Dogg Collabo In The Works?

Charlie Sheen who was once famous for being on hit show “Two and a Half Men,” but now is known around the world as a self-proclaimed warlock and tiger blood enthusiast, has been very busy since launching his full scale assault on former employer CBS. From amassing 1 million Twitter followers in one day and thus making it into the Guinness Book
of World Records, trying to hire an intern (from 75,000 applications), fending off attorneys and ex-wives, giving rambling interviews to practically every news station in the country, and writing material for his one man show, it seems like Charlie Sheen’s name is everywhere, and on everybody’s lips.
And as PopEater reports, now the hip-hop community is starting to take notice and wants a piece of the action. Diddy was seen at Sheen’s house over the weekend, and while no details have been reported about what the meeting (read: party) was all about, if the photograph Sheen twit-picked of himself and Snoop Dogg (along with former Korn member Robert Patterson) at a recording session, is anything to go by, perhaps a Diddy/Sheen collab is in the works too.
Of the recording session with Snoop and Patterson, Sheen tweeted; “Warlock meets his makers-music makers that is @SnoopDogg @robpatterson666 get ready to rock the Sheenius within!”
I have no idea what this music is going to sound like, but you can practically guarantee that, judging by Sheen’s track record, even if it is a hot mess, the track will be a hit. Although, I’m not sure that’s a good thing…

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