Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marlon Wayans Confronts His & Brothers’ Gay Rumors On Twitter!

keenan-marlon-shawn-damon-wayansMarlon Wayans is fed up with rumors alleging that he – or any of his famous brothers – are gay.
After a certain blog posted blurry photos of Marlon leaving a club with someone they claimed to be a transsexual, Marlon took to his Twitter account.
He had this to say:

“Sorry folks, I aint gay and niether [sic] are my bros. All straight hetero sexual women lovers w/ beautiful kids and families. Look under a new rock”
Marlon even pointed out that the woman he was with is was just a friend who goes by the Twitter name, SincerelyWard.
He continued,
“And I wish I had the braggin’ rights to say that me & @Sincerelyward friendshop was more but it aint. She fine, I’d turned posed & cheesed”
“But I gotta admit @Sincerelyward yo ass was tall as f*** in them damn heels. Sexy as f*** but tall as hell. Love babe”
“Yall go see how beautiful @Sincerelyward is… How the f*** they call her a tranny? F*** they smoking? Off that medicinal shit”

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