Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus’ personal photos from stolen phone leaked online

Miley Cyrus' personal photos from the stolen phone
‘ purse was stolen last week. Along with it, Miley’s phone and camera were stolen too. And here’s what allegedly was on her phone – lots of private photos meant for nobody to see (or maybe they were for Miley’s new boyfriend Avan Jogia?).
C’mon, everybody knows that – don’t take any private pictures if you’re a celebrity because some day they’ll make their way on the Internet.
I’m not trying to blame for the pics taken or for the purse stolen. I actually feel sorry for her because of all the dirty comments that are going to pour and for all the worlds that’re going to be said about her. Miley is 18, she’s young and she can make mistakes. So don’t be very judgmental.
However, it’s so incredibly stupid of Miley to be so naive to make such pics and keep them saved on her phone. Hope she’ll learn this lesson.
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