Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry. Who rocks pop world?

Even though there seems to be nothing and have in common, safe for the fact they’re both huge pop stars, I want to say they do share a thing or two. Take a closer look at both celebrities!!!


Both and have taken the pop performance art to a whole new level. Remember ’s famous cherry chapstick or cake fights on stage? It was quite something for 2008.
Katy Perry's sexy performance
Katy Perry's cake fight on stage
And is the one and only pop girl to set her own boobs on fire.
Lady GaGa's hot performance

Racy in magazines

Both and always look super hot in magazines. Topless or fully clothed, you definitely feel sex in the air
Lady GaGa is sexy in magazines
Katy Perry is sexy in magazines

Boyfriends & personal life

and are quite open and honest about personal matters. We’re witnesses to all their relationship up & downs, break-ups & make-ups, as well as some personal matters like ’s drug addiction or sexuality.
Katy Perry with husband Russell Brand
Lady GaGa with boyfriend Luc Carl


is known for her multiple tattoos. also has some, much fewer than Gaga, though.
Lady GaGa's tattoos
Katy Perry's tattoos

Beautiful from inside out

and look picture perfect on the redcarpet but even when going make-up free they’re still very pretty.
Katy Perry without make-up
Lady GaGa without make-up

Bikini hot

These girls rock the bikini world taking this clothing item to certain extremes sometimes.
Katy Perry in a bikini
Lady GaGa in the meat bikini

Dolled up

It’s an IT thing in showbiz that if you’re famous you just have to have your doll copy. Both and have those, and the dolls look adorable.
Lady GaGa's Barbie doll
Katy Perry's Barbie doll

In disguise

and are crazy about wigs and all kinds of funky eyewear. Even though they do little to keep the ladies in disguise wigs and sunglasses perfectly complete their crazy looks.
Katy Perry in a wig
Lady GaGa in a bow hair wig
Katy Perry's crazy sunglasses
Lady Gaga's nerdy specs

Dress to impress

Almost every their appearance is a fashion show of its own. Katy is a fan of skin-tight latex dresses with funny prints, while … well you never know what to expect from her next time.
Katy Perry's crazy costume at 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Katy Perry's crazy dress
Lady GaGa's meat dress
Lady GaGa's lace mask

Unforgettable videos

I know you like them

I like both and and I’m grateful to them for making pop a little bit more risque and more fun.
Team GaGa? Team Katy? Can’t wait to know your thoughts (NOIZE?)!

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