Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian Is Not Pregnant But She Sure Is Fly [PHOTO]

Kim Kardashian is back on her digital grind and she couldn't be happier! Yesterday, outlandish rumors popped up claiming Kim Kardashian was pregnant by Kanye West. Kim immediately shot down those rumors. Kim told the press, “The rumors are absolutely not true. I’m not pregnant.” Kim Kardashian also wrote an amazing message for her fans about being digitally dead for a week: "I missed you guys so much this past week. It was really weird not being able to blog or tweet, but I’m so glad we were all able to pull together and raise so much for Keep a Child Alive!" We are so glad to have Kim Kardashian back on twitter and her blog. Check out these awesome Kim Kardashian Showing off her jewelry before heading to JFK Pictures. WHATS YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS?

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