Friday, October 8, 2010

Rihanna Makes Big Money Per Concert

Rihanna was spotted making funny faces yesterday evening while shopping in Paris with Matt Kemp.  This just about mirrors my face this morning after reading the “Last Girl On Earth Tour” Concert contract.  Anti-Rihanna fans may have poked fun at the fact that she had to cancel a few shows because of poor ticket sales but she still banked a lot of dough.  According to The Smoking Gun, Rihanna made a guaranteed $410,000 bucks per show and the right to receive 80% of box office ticket receipts over $565,000.

This figure places her over acts such as Justin Bieber ($300,00 per show) and Drake ($150,00 per show). In comparison, Beyonce commands around $1.5 million or more per show on tour. #Boss

A few more flicks of Rihanna in Paris

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