Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Digital Music News Lists Top 8 Laws of Rap Success

Digital Music News Lists Top 8 Laws of Rap SuccessDigitalMusicNews.com lists the top eight reasons why rappers are some of the most successful businessmen, looking at the work of Drake and Jay-Z for evidence.
Anthony Accardo of the Disney Research group recently took to DigitalMusicNews.com to list the "Top 8 Reasons Rappers Make Better Businessmen." Accardo covers topics like geographical loyalty of rappers and consumer product tie-ins, a la Busta Rhymes's 2001 hit "Pass the Courvoisier," yet maintains that the number one reason rappers prove such lucrative businessmen are the "brand alliances" come out of collaborative songs.
"One of rap’s best-selling albums of 2010 – Drake’s Thank Me Later – has more cameos than a Tarantino film," he writes. "Guest appearances are one of the greatest positive feedback loops in music, not to mention an unparalleled artist development pathway that no other genre has fully taken advantage of...there are no less than seven platinum-selling artists and one developing artist – Nicki Minaj – on this album. Marketing literature calls this 'brand alliances,' and for two well-established artists, this is an easy way to share fans and cross-sell content.  For a developing act, pairing with a big rapper is arguably more effective than an expensive and risky traditional radio campaign." (DigitalMusicNews.com)
Accardo maintains that another primary reason that Hip Hop musicians have found so much success is the interconnectivity of the culture. References to artist or other elements inherent to Hip Hop music foster a sense of community in listeners and artists alike.
"When you listen to a Drake track, you hear lines from a T.I. track that has lines from a Lil Wayne track that has lines from a Jay-Z track," he indicates. "No one's copying here, but the analogies and references keep the culture and body of content alive.  This sort of interconnectivity goes far beyond 'I can hear a Radiohead influence in Muse…' Instead, listeners feel 'privy' to the idiom and part of a community." (DigitalMusicNews.com)
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  1. This is a great eye opener for any and all artist,even though every one has there own ways of doing things.

  2. all upcoming artist should read this!