Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ashanti and Nelly Are Denying Each Other…

Don’t even think about adding Ashanti and Nelly to your list of favorite hip hop couples.  The two are claiming that they were never in a relationship. Nelly told WGCI last week:
“I’ve never said I was in a relationship, she’s never said she’s in a relationship, so I don’t know where they do that at, But the thing is, we’ve always admitted we’re friends. We hang out. She’s a sweet girl, very pretty girl, very talented, but she does her thing as far as her career and I’m doing my thing as far as my career now. The end results are inconclusive.”
And Ashanti responded to his claims last night after 106 and Park’s 10th Anniversary special:
So one of the rumors that I would like to clear up, the whole Nelly-Ashanti, and Nelly’s denying and Nelly’s not
claiming; let’s clear that up right now. Me and Nelly are good friends. I never said I was his girl, I never quote, unquote, “claimed him,” I never said we were an item and neither has he, so there you have it. We’re good friends. The whole, ‘oh he’s denying and she’s denying,’ no claiming. Come on, son!” watch the video below


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