Friday, May 14, 2010

Texas Teacher Beats Student Caught on Video

A video uploaded on YouTube featuring a teacher beating her student caused Sheri Davis her job at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston Texas.
The victim Depicted in the “Texas Teacher Beats Student” video was identified as Isiah. Investigators found out that it started when he made fun of a special child.
Sheri who is not happy with what Isiah did snapped and beat him up as a punishment. The Texas teacher was doing this while other students watched her do it.
The “Texas Teacher Beats Student” video shows Sheri who after s she had backed the student into a corner dragged him, slap him and beat him up several times.

As the video progresses laughter and cheer was overheard as if the students thought that the whole thing was just a joke. The victim himself thought that it was a joke but as the ordeal progresses it was definitely not a joke.
Thanks to Janiqua Johnson who shot the video on her cell phone. If not for her justice could not have been served. Janiqua also said that David probably snapped causing her to unconsciously beat up his classmate.
However, that was not the end of the story of the “Texas Teacher Beats Student” video as there were additional reports that several school employees were also present during the event. This report prompted school officials and The Harris County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the incident further.
Here is the “Houston Teacher Beats Student” video…


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