Friday, May 14, 2010

Foxy Brown Breaks Down (VIDEO)

Foxy Brown Interview On “The Monique Show”

Monique is becoming the late-night Oprah with all these emotional scenes. The Academy Award winner recently had Foxy Brown on her show, joined by the original Foxy Brown, the timelessly beautiful Pam Grier.

This was good television for about six minutes – even though the actual interview doesn’t start until about two minutes in. (Rapper) Foxy speaks about the inspiration (actress) Foxy had on her life and career and even went so far to refer to her as a “second mother.” (Actress) Foxy even gave (rapper) Foxy permission to use the iconic name when she first entered the rap game.

By far the the realest part of the interview is when the subject of her hearing is brought up. (Rapper) Foxy summed up the entire ordeal in one sentence: “I’m just happy to hear again.”


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