Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Queen Latifah To Get Married?

Queen Latifah To Get Married?

Queen Latifah is an icon in the music and movie game as being one of the first female rappers to get some major success and also one of the first rappers to make the jump to big screen. She is also a long rumored lesbian and it has come out that her and her partner, Jeanette Jenkins, have taken a big step in their relationship and it looks like it is only leading to bigger things!

The Queen and her ugh princess I guess, have moved into a sprawling 1.3 million dollar Hollywood mansion together and it is being said the two will soon make their relationship official with a civil marriage.  The two have been together for years now, though Latifah has always maintained that Jeanette is her personal trainer.

This doesn’t seem too far fetched to me, I mean that is how it usually goes. First you move in and then comes the marriage and then the well I guess adopted kids in this case. Anyway though wish the queen luck  on this one. However I must say this is one steamy lesbian affair I am hoping does not come out on tape!


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