Tuesday, May 18, 2010

50 Cent’s Partner Works For Rick Ross?

50 Cent and Sha Money XL have been working together since the beginning of 50’s career. 50 Cent and Rick Ross have been going at it for the last year or so with 50 giving Ross a staright pummeling. However an interesting twist has come out that has many people wondering if 50 is planning another power move on Ross and his career…

Sha Money XL was recently appointed A&R of Def Jam, the home of Rick Ross. This immediately got people talking and  Sha has come out and said that he has no animosity towards Ross and plans to help his career.

"I support every artist on the label," Sha said. "I had conversations with 50 about that and we even spoke on if I had to find Rick Ross a hit and I had one, it wouldn't be for me to not give it to him. I support everybody on this label, I want everybody to win, the company makes money and we all make money and
we all grow, so, it's not about holding somebody back trying to [stop] someone from moving ahead and he's doing his thing. So it's nothing for me to hate on, I work for this company so everybody needs to win because I'm on a team. I'm not a beef squasher, I don't get in the middle of none of that sh*t, all I know is whoever has a problem with me just needs to have a problem with 'me.' 50 is the big homie and his strategies are for what works for him and I support all of that but at the same time I'm in a business vibe, this sh*t is not about beef. Beef don't make money, man. That sh*t is sports, it's just about being the most competitive person out there and n*ggas can't f*ck with 50 on that level because he keeps going, his money is long, his mind is wise.”

However there are many out there who are saying at the end of the day Sha works for 50 as he definitely is paying him more than Def Jam anyway. I don’t know on this one, that Curtis is a diabolical mofo…


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