Monday, January 14, 2013

Trinidad James Undresses His Image:

Newly signed Def Jam Records rapper Trinidad James recently spoke on his eye-catching rap image and why he wants people to understand his flashy fashion tastes are authentic. In Trinidad's eyes, he would rather people not mess with him at all if they believe there is anything made up or falsified in his image or lifestyle. A few days ago, G-Unit's 50 Cent spoke on the risk James took by introducing himself visually on "All Gold Everything" and taking a chance with hip-hop fans accepting him.

"You see the energy that's on the record," Fif told DJ Whoo Kid, referring to buzzing tracks like "All Gold Everything." "That record, the video was more important than the song. Yeah, what's his name, Trinidad? That was important because it felt like, 'Nah, this isn't real.' It was a risky choice because we don't know who Trinidad James is. So for the very first time, you come out looking like that, you're like, 'Does this n*gga really look like that?' When you looked at the video closer, you're like, 'Hold up. He's dead serious.' It was interesting because you'd look like, 'Maybe there is a guy out there like that,' because you're just talking about clothes at that point. Everything he had on was stylish. He had the Armani draws, he had the gold rings, the Versace slippers and you can't fake his teeth being like that. Them teeth are really f*cked up like that. He's the real Pimpin' Curly! [laughs]" ("Whoolywood Shuffle")
 After initially getting amped up by Bad Boy's French Montana, James' "All Gold Everything" latest remix features a slew of Atlanta rap stars.
Trinidad James strikes gold twice with the remix to his ubiquitous single "All Gold Everything." The Atlanta rapper, who inked a $2 million deal with Def Jam, calls on three of his fellow ATLiens--T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz. According to Diplo, there's also an extended remix with 17 verses on the way. (Rap-Up)

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