Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cherokee the Lyricist - "Slow Motion" Remix [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Cherokee The Lyricist, is back at it with another visual from her latest project, "The Odyssey". The Broward county Female lyricist opens her address with a quote “Sometimes you gotta slow it pay attention to the things that truly matter…'' She is than seen standing on the Beach Looking to the Ocean, like a Queen who have found freedom to exhale from the norm of relationship shackles. As the video progresses she goes into the realm of depicting the difficulties of trying to maintain and find balance in her music and her personal love life. Hence the line "I cant satisfy your feelings and the music too," Cherokee is beautiful as always and displays raw talent, the video is amazing. Keep an eye on this artist, she has a drive to succeed with a tasteful flow. I am still waiting to see something outside of her normal playing field; nonetheless I enjoy seeing her push forward. I really enjoyed the video and hopefully you will too. - Street Noize

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