Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Meaning Behind The Name Of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Baby [ORIGINAL]

Beyonce and Jay-ZNow that Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s baby girl has arrived, the new rumors about the couple are about the name they’ve reportedly selected for her: Ivy Blue Carter. Some say this is a cute name for a little girl, while others think it’s wack. But if “Ivy Blue” is the name of their first child, it does have meaning to her parents.
Why Ivy?

The first two letters of “Ivy” (IV) are also the Roman numerals for the number four. Beyonce has spoke of the significance of this number in her life, and she broke it down in her latest DVD “Beyonce Live At Roseland: Elements Of 4.”
Beyonce and Jay-Z were both born on the fourth day of September and December, respectively; they were married on April 4th; her mother Tina’s birthday falls on the fourth day; several of Beyonce’s friends also were born on that day of the month. The number “4″ is so prevalent in Bey’s life, that she gave that name to her latest album, and released it on June 4th.
Why Blue?
The name Blue seems to have a direct reflection of Jay-Z’s recording career. Some may immediately wonder what significance the color holds for the couple, but it’s speculated to have been inspired by Jay’s three Blueprint albums.
Beyonce and Jay-Z have yet to confirm that “Ivy Blue” is indeed the name of their daughter. But if it is, is it vain of them to name their child after their albums?

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