Friday, April 22, 2011

Toni Braxton Is Separated But In No Rush To Divorce

Well this makes for an interesting discussion…
In her recent interview with Sister2Sister magazine, Braxton Family Values star Toni Braxton reveals details about her separation from husband Keri Lewis. Toni and Keri, who was once a member of R&B group Mint Condition, split in 2009, and this year marks the 10-year anniversary since they wed. She tells the magazine that the main reason she can’t see herself divorcing Keri is because she believes she’ll upset her children.

“We co-parent together. Sometimes he stays over with the kids; he’s very involved with his kids… April would have been 10 years (since we wed). We’re, like, the best of friends.
“We told the kids, ‘Sometimes mummy and daddy need a little break.’ That’s probably why I haven’t done a straight divorce yet.”

I wonder how they explain their situation to the people they choose to date? That would be a total red flag zone.
Toni also spoke about relying on European tours and one-off shows to generate the majority of her income after having to file for bankruptcy.
“I still live in a house in Atlanta. And I do one-off dates in Europe – because I’m much bigger in Europe than I am here in the States. I do little spot dates here and there and get paid really good, so I am surviving. The reality show is not how I am really getting paid. Who said reality shows make you rich? That’s a misconception.
Reality shows can definitely help you get there a little faster if you market yourself right. Ask the Kardashians…


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