Monday, April 4, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Appears On ‘Saturday Night Live’

carmelo anthony on snl NY Knicks player Carmelo Anthony made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night alongside host of the show, Elton John. Anthony channeled his inner funny bone, and wore a wig in one sketch and his warm ups in another. Hilarious!
His first sketch was “ESPN Classic: Ladies Shot Put” where he played a female shot putter named, “Carmela St Knix” during a 1985 competition that was sponsored by KY Jelly.
He then played himself in the sketch, “Laser Cats” where other SNL cast members create action movies with cats and lasers.
Carmelo’s last appearance was when he closed the show introducing Elton John’s performance of “Monkey Suit”
Who knew Carmelo had a silly side?
Proud wifey, LaLa, tweeted about her husband’s performance Saturday night, stating:
“@LALA: Saturday Night Live was AMAZING! @carmeloanthony was hilarious…”
So cute!
If you missed Carmelo’s SNL appearence, check it out below.

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