Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love & Hip Hop Episode 4: Jim Jones Goes Nuts

Did anyone catch ‘Love and Hip Hop’ on Monday night?? All I have to say is, “Jim Jones does not play when it comes to his woman”!. The drama began when aspiring rapper Somaya and Jim Jones’ girlfriend Chrissy got into a huge argument because Chrissy told Jim Jones not to work with Somaya. After the argument, Olivia pulls Chrissy to the side and tells her that Somaya’s manager came outside during the argument and started dissing Chrissy and Jim Jones. Chrissy, of course, calls Jim Jones and he went nuts.
Sidenote: Jim Jones continuously refers to Chrissy as his wife in this episode so I’m assuming he accepted that proposal :)
Check out clips from the show below
The Yacht Argument between Chrissy and Somaya

Chrissy Calls Up Jim Jones

Jim Jones comes to whup some azz…

Somaya’s manager and his yellow coop is ready to call it quits

Somaya’s ex-boyfriend XO takes Jim Jones place on the record


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