Monday, March 14, 2011

Ne-Yo & Ciara Attend The Knicks Game

R&B singers Ne-Yo and Ciara were spotted courtside watching the Indian Pacers school the New York Knicks yesterday at Madison Square Garden. Ciara, who recently made Blackvoices Celebs Who Overdress For Basketball Games list, looked cute and happy on the sidelines while Ne-Yo was captured looking serious and deep in thought.

Could be that he took five minutes out of his game time to address Beyonce fans on twitter who were slamming him because they thought he had dissed Beyonce in a recent radio interview.  See what he had to say and more pics below:
Just heard the audio where I supposedly dissed Beyonce. ARE Y’ALL SERIOUS!?! Did y’all even listen to what I said!?!  I said I originally wrote the song for me. That’s true, so OF COURSE I didn’t want to give it away originally. IT WAS FOR ME…….Once I realized how the song comes across if sang by a guy, that’s when I decided to give it away. HOW IS THAT DISSING BEYONCE!?! She took the song and made it a smash, NOBODY can deny that…….Y’all should listen a lil’ harder before you start dissin’ people. Makes you look real dumb. I’m tired of being nice to dumb people…
…Bottom line, Beyonce is my friend. To HELL with anybody that ain’t SMART enough to understand what I truly meant……..Last time y’all will EVER get any of my time or attention. My twitter time is now for those that deserve it, MY FRIENDS, MY FANS, MY FAM!! Haters die slow. At the Knicks game. GO GET EM’ MELO!!
Enjoy the game next time Ne-Yo….

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