Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gabrielle Union On Dwayne Wade: “No Baby Without A Wedding”

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade at Hard RockGabrielle Union doesn’t often reveal details about her relationship with boyfriend Dwyane Wade, but she recently divulged a few to HipHollywood on their future: marriage, kids, and a possible reality show.
On Marriage & Kids
“We’re just happy, so whatever comes down the road is down the road. And it’ll be in order. There would be a wedding before there would be a bambino, so all these reports of mystery babies that they like to keep giving me – there’ll be no baby until you’ve heard about a wedding.”
On A Possible Reality Show
“I pay my own bills, first off, so I’ve never put myself in a position to have to be jackass or to have to sell myself down the river for a reality show. I was just raised a little differently and my situation is a lot different being that I have my own career, my own celebrity status on my own, independent, and before him. But, I don’t knock anybody’s hustle, it’s just not my path.”

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  1. how can u say no baby before the marriage but you help this man commit adultry.. SMDH! So you an wait to have a baby with him, but couldnt wait until he got divorced to sleep with him! HA!