Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bobby Brown Denies Claims Of Daughter’s Drug Use [VIDEO]

Bobby BrownBobby Brown is denying claims that his daughter used cocaine, despite pictures that leaked last week that seem to show Bobbi Kristina Brown, his daughter with Whitney Houston, doing lines of cocaine with friends.
In an interview with CBS News, Brown flat out denied that his daughter was on drugs when asked about it.  “I don’t know anything about that,” Brown said. “My daughter doesn’t do that.”

Brown was on the show promoting his upcoming album, The Masterpiece, due out on May 11th.   Brown also says that a New Edition reunion is in the works.
The saga never ends with this family! even if his daughter was doing drugs he wouldn't admit to it at that point because it would shadow the popularity of his upcoming album, which clearly no-one really cares for. Dude took like forever to drop that LP, I think he would've had a better shot when he and his  ex-wife Whitney had that national TV show what was it called again!!! Am not gonna even comment what he has done to New Edition!!!!lol the single sounds like Ray J on crack, Anyways Bobby Brown Ladies and Gentlemen! Video below:

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