Monday, March 21, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus calls off divorce, makes up with Miley

After blaming daughter Miley Cyrus’ fame for destroying his family, Billy Ray Cyrus is picking up the pieces. The singer says he is calling off his divorce from wife Tish and trying to keep his clan together.

“I’ve dropped the divorce,” Cyrus, who announced in October that he and wife Tish were splitting after 17 years of marriage, says in an interview on “The View.”
“I wanted to put my family back together,” he says, adding that they are “communicating with each other” in a way they hadn’t before. “Things are really the best they’ve ever been.”
They weren’t always that way. In a GQ interview last month, Cyrus claimed daughter Miley’s Disney series and subsequent fame had turned her into a wild child and that their relationship had become strained as she continued to make negative headlines in recent months.
“It destroyed my family,” he said of the popularity of “Hannah Montana.” “I’d take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just be everybody OK, safe and sound, and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I’d erase it all in a second if I could.”
But Cyrus is now singing something of a different tune. “I don’t think ‘Hannah Montana’ ruined my family,” he says on “The View.” “Now fame, fame is a different animal. You’ve got to be careful with that thing.”
It does, however, look like he’s  getting his wish of making amends with Miley. “I feel like I got my Miley back in a way,” he says. “I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before ‘Hannah Montana’ happened… We have laughed a lot in the last couple of days.”

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