Monday, March 7, 2011

Basketball Wives Finale Recap: Evelyn & Tami Throw Punches

*In my best Lil Kim voice* “Who the f*** want war?“ Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives was the ultimate level of drama.In case you missed it, the girls were at dinner celebrating Jennifer Williams’ birthday when Tami began expressing her feelings towards each of the women. In a tearful confession, Tami tells her castmates how she feels a part of a group after feeling so alone in life and that she was grateful and thankful that the girls had been so cool with her. High off of all that emotion, she takes a smoke break and leaves the the rest of the women at the table.
That’s when Evelyn has a confession to make; back in 1999, she slept with Kenny Anderson while he was still married to Tami. Shaunie somehow talks Evelyn into telling Tami and that’s when things get ugly. She tells Tami that she dated the NBA player for about six months, claiming they only had sex twice. [**SIDE EYE**].  Evelyn goes on to say she didn’t know that he was married, or that Tami even existed, but after seeing Tami’s tears, felt bad and wanted to let her know what’s up. Of course Tami gets upset [you know she is known for shanking a bish quick], Evelyn gets defensive, and then says these dangerous words: “You are a non-m*tha f**kin factor, b*tch!”
Tami went OFF!
Watch the fist swinging blowout below:
Tami’s heartfelt moment

The Confession & Fight

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