Tuesday, March 15, 2011

“Basketball Wives” Eric Williams: “If A Woman Feels She’s Your Equal, She’s Lost…”

Jennifer Williams and Eric WilliamsEric Williams, ex-husband of Jennifer Williams from “Basketball Wives,” recently took to his Twitter account to express his opinion on gender equality in relationships. He first tweeted this message, “Men: When a Woman feels she’s ur equal in the natural order of a relationship, she has lost her position in that Bond! Unbalanced..” He then clarified, “Relationship 101: todays Lesson: The Natural Order of Man & Woman in a Relationship! Man = Protector Woman = Nurturer… Natural order.”
Not surprisingly, he received some angry responses from his female followers. To them, he replied: “Women I think some of you don’t even kno the Natural order of Woman in a Bond?? these responses are so bitter! Stop being so in the front.”
Do you agree that the woman should always be nurturer and the man the protector?
Or is equality and balance needed?
I could see the angry replies from a mile away before he even posted this tweet! I wont go into it so i don't get chewed out by my female readers!!! :)

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