Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady Gaga in ‘Vogue’ Magazine

Lady Gaga Vogue cover

Lady Gaga has reached yet another pinnacle in her career, appearing on the cover of the March 2011 issue of Vogue with a breathtaking photo-shoot by master lensman Mario Testino.
The “Alejandro” singer, whose highly anticipated new single “Born This Way” drops on Friday, also sits down for an in-depth interview with Vogue Contributing Editor Jonathan Van Meter, who tagged along with Gaga on the road to get the inside scoop on her rise to fame. Naturally, the topic of “Born This Way,” which is already being touted as a gay anthem, came up. Says Gaga of the song’s, and the eventual album’s, composition,

“I wrote it in ten f*cking minutes, and it is a completely magical message song. And after I wrote it, the gates just opened, and the songs kept coming. It was like an immaculate conception.”
Gaga also offers her self-appraisal as an entertainer:
Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer. I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters.. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do….I think it’s OK to be confident in yourself.
Lady Gaga may be many things, but overly modest isn’t one of them.

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