Monday, February 28, 2011

Janet Jackson’s Book “True You” Tops Best Sellers List

Iconic musician, Janet Jackson, recently proved to the world that aside from being a phenomenal singer, dancer and all around great performer, she is also an excellent author. Her very first book entitled, “True You” tops the charts of the New York Times Bestsellers list for this week and takes us behind her infamous, “velvet rope”. Go head, Miss Jackson!
“True You” is a novel based on her personal experiences, growth as a person, her battles with self-worth and even her weight issues. Janet not only reveals her personal experiences in the book, but she also gives nutrition tips and recipes for the dishes that have helped keep her in awesome shape over the years.
“True You” was released earlier this month, and seems to be an excellent read for anyone who can relate to any of Miss Jackson’s life experiences!


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