Friday, February 11, 2011

Jamie Foxx Gets Into Fight At Usher Concert

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx was in a fistfight at last night at an Usher concert at Hollywood’s club Avalon.  According to TMZ’s sources inside the concert, the pushing and shoving began just as Usher hit the stage.
Foxx was in an exclusive VIP area near the venue’s stage when someone took a shot at Foxx, who defended himself. The police was not called, and Foxx quietly left the club shortly after.
Damien Dante Wayans, part of the Wayans family and nephew to Keenan and Damon, witnessed the fight and said it was a “little altercation between two friends” and said that the two were probably at a diner laughing about it.

via theurbandaily

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