Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Soulja Boy Leaving Hip-Hop To Become An Actor?

Soulja BoySoulja Boy has been a successful rapper, launched a sneaker brand, and started his own label.  However, there’s one thing Soulja Boy has yet to do, and that’s be an actor.

“I really wanna break into Hollywood,” Soulja told “I really wanna do the correct first film and make an impression on a lot of people so they can come holla at me and wanna put me in their movies. Doing music is my first love, but I always had a passion for acting ’cause I feel like I come out natural on the camera. In the future I got a couple plans. I’ve been talking to Nick Cannon, who is directing this upcoming film I’m supposed to be starring in, and I think that’ll be a good look, but I just gotta pick the right film and kill the part.”
Would you want to see Soulja Boy in a movie?  Let us know in the comments!

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