Friday, January 7, 2011

Raven Symone On Heavier Weight: “I Thought I Looked Fabulous, No One Else Did”

Raven-Symone who once happily called herself “thick and fabulous” is slimming down. She recently told People, she was the only one who considered herself attractive when she was at heavier weight.
“I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did. So, whatever.”
“Actually, now I wear bigger clothes because I don’t like the way people stare at me,” she says. “I liked it before. Now, you’re just looking at me for the wrong reasons. Before, you were actually looking at me for a real reason.”
Raven admitted to being relieved she doesn’t work on her hit show “That’s So Raven” anymore since it contributed to her weight gain.
“That’s what stress does to you. I’ve been not stressing. I’ve been in my own house, decorating and finding hobbies.”

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