Monday, January 17, 2011

Gabby Says D-Wade Let’s Her Know When Her Tracks Are Showing…

Gabrielle Union is a funny girl.  While recently celebrating Dwyane Wade’s 29th Birthday, Gabrielle Union took over the mic and expressed her love for her long-time boyfriend:
It’s true, he tells me when my tracks aren’t covered. It’s true, he says I think you might want to put some spanx on. It’s true. But more than anything, he’s so considerate, he’s amazing and he’s f**king hot without his clothes on.  So tonight I just want to say, baby you’re not yet 30, which damn it I can’t wait until you are because it makes me sound a little bit less of a pervert. You’re not just an amazing basketball player and team mate. He’s a great man and a great father and I love him because he throws down great dunks and he’s always on ESPN. But love him more because he’s an amazing father and an amazing friend and he’s an amazing man.
Peep the footage below


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