Monday, January 10, 2011

Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx Romance is Over

Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx
Actress Denise Richards has reportedly split from rocker Nikki Sixx after just a few weeks of dating.

After reports that the pair had split up surfaced on Saturday, Us Weekly says a source in Richards' camp confirmed the reports but also said that the couple were never that serious to begin with.

"It's crazy how this is being made out to be some big breakup," says a source. "They were never exclusive or serious to begin with! I could count on my hand how many times they went out. They decided to try it and she was not interested. That's dating! This isn't some big, dramatic split."

Richards had invited Sixx to meet her ex Charlie Sheen over Christmas dinner.

According to the Daily Mail, when Richards went on a New Year's holiday to Hawaii with her two daughters, Nikki spent New Years with his daughters in Mexico and the couple sent romantic tweets about each other.

Sixx tweeted "Tell @DENISE_RICHARDS to get her butt to mexico, it soooo damn beautiful here.....oh i am here too..:)."

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