Friday, December 17, 2010

Vivica A. Fox Wants Slimm To Help Her Make Some Babies

Vivica A. Fox sat down with her homegirl Wendy Williams recently and discussed getting married in the near future. Her boyfriend Slim was there in the audience showing support. Although, Viv is 46 years old, she tells Wendy she still plans on having kids. Peep how the conversation went:
Is he a keeper, do you want to have a baby and get married?
Absolutely. I think my career has been my baby for such a long time and I’ve done well by that. Now, I waited for God to send me a good man and he’s a good southern man.
Do you still get full menstrual cycles?

Yes, you have to worry about that.
At 46 years-old, have you started talking to your OBGYN?

Not, yet I have to finish this tour first but we’re planning after the tour to do the thing. If I could get a boy and a girl that would be fabulous, I’m shutting down shop and shipping these eggs to Africa somewhere.
What if you had to go through other alternatives, would you get a surrogate or would you adopt?

I don’t have a problem with adopting, I don’t know about a surrogate…I don’t think I can do that. I’m too much of a control freak. I would be calling her everyday getting on her nerves and she’d be like “look chick, you and these kids…OK!” I’m very fertile so I don’t think I’d have a problem and he appears to be too.

Vivica’s boyfriend Slimm
Watch the clip:

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