Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ms. Jade Says Missy "Swagger Jacked" Her Style

Ms. Jade appeared on the Star & Bucwild show and may have caused some friction between her and Missy Elliott.

 As if we haven't had our fill with women rappers bumping heads, we now hear that former member of Timbaland's Beat Club roster, Ms. Jade, has stated that Missy Elliot has "swagger jacked" her entire style. The Philly emcee -- who hasn't released a major label album since 2002's Girl Interrupted -- appeared on the Star & Bucwild radio show to discuss her whereabouts and give some insight on her days riding shotgun with Timbaland and Missy.

While the interview remained focused around Ms. Jade, it was only a matter of time before Star tried to dig up some dirt and cause some static between Jade and her old crew. Star inquired about the rumor that Missy stole Jade's fashion style and ran with it and Jade wasted no time indulging.

"When I first came out, my persona was kind of like, the round-the-way girl with the Adidas sweatsuit and bamboo earrings," Jade said. "[Missy Elliott] took that and ran all the way down the street with it. And you know, as a new artist, it looks like I'm copying from her but actually, it's the other way around. She took the same exact picture [of me posing in a baseball cap sideways] -- Missy Elliott swagger jacked me."

Although one could argue Jade's point by looking back at the two female rappers fashion selections, what good is it going to do for Ms. Jade to get involved with yet another situation where it appears that two female rappers have issues? Whether that's true or not, we're not quite sure. But the fact of the matter is that it creates another situation between female rappers that various sites can blow completely out of proportion.

We would rather just see Ms. Jade be in the news for making good music rather than being at odds with another female rapper.

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