Monday, December 13, 2010

Ja Rule Faces Four Years In Prison

Ja Rule Faces Four Years In PrisonJa Rule could be in court as early as this week facing gun charges from 2007
Ja Rule is scheduled to be in court today, with a trail starting as early as this week for a 2007 gun charge. In July of 2007 Ja Rule leaving a concert in Manhattan when his Maybach was pulled over for speeding. Police claim they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the rear door. In addition, the car, which was being chauffeured, had no insurance and suspended registration. Mr. Atkins has pleaded not guilty to criminal weapon possession. His lawyer claims the traffic stop was unjustified and has questioned a type of DNA analysis used by the police. If convicted, Ja will face up to four years in prison. Ironically, Lil Wayne was leaving the same concert when he was busted on weapons charges as well. That charge recently cost Wayne eight months of his life in Rikers Island.

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