Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Amber & Amare Spotted Together Again! His Fiance Still Pissed! [PHOTOS]

Rumored couple Amber Rose and Amare Stoudemire were spotted together AGAIN in New York at the restaurant Cafeteria on Saturday (December 18). See them in the gallery below!
Rumors began swirling when Amber was seen at his Knicks vs. Celtics game last week.

The person who snapped the photo claimed they saw the two “after the clubs got out at 4am,” saying Amare walked in “with none other than Amber Rose on his
arm,” and that they were surprised at “how public they were being standing outside.”
We’re surprised too, considering Amare’s still engaged to his fiance (and mother of their two kids) Alexis.
Alexis has already got wind of Amber’s conniving ways. A source says, “[Alexis] knows that there are other women, but she’s not going to sit back and allow [Amber Rose] to use Amare to boost her celebrity. She will not allow Amare to disgrace her and their family like that.”
See Alexis below 

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  1. wow this chick is really on the move!!! i wonder if this is a pr stunt to promote her new reality show she is currently working on!!!!