Saturday, December 4, 2010

11 “Basketball Wives” Tami Roman Left Penniless After Divorce

Being married to a professional basketball player may have its perks, but the glitz wears off eventually. Just ask ‘Basketball Wives’ newest star, Tami Roman.
She divorced NBA player Kenny Anderson after six years of marriage when rumors of his infidelity surfaced. She bolted — even though their prenuptial agreement left her without a dime. She was forced to use food stamps to care for their two daughters — recently denying reports that she ended up with half of his assets.
Now, on the second season on ‘Basketball Wives,’ which debuts Dec. 12 at 8PM ET on VH1, she’s finally telling her side of the story, admitting her biggest regret after the divorce was not putting her children first.
Read her side of the story over at PopEater!

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