Thursday, November 11, 2010

MC Hammer Ends Beef With Jay-Z

MC Hammer Ends Beef With Jay-ZIn less than a month, Hammer is over his issues with Jay-Z
The beef MC Hammer had with Jay-Z ended as quickly as it started as the Bay Area legend says it's enough.
“As a responsible veteran of twenty something years of this [Hip-Hop]. I can't leave it out there with tensions,” Hammer told AllHipHop. “I am reading comments on both sides, it's not about that, I have seen all of that before. There is an opportunity to say at some point. We onto the next thing. You know, Jay took his shot and I answered. Now let's move on.”
Early on November 10 Hammer tweeted to his followers that he was moving on.

“@MCHammer: Re- Mix time !!! 7 Days is enough. I'm Accepting Jay Z at his "Word" and moving on. I made my point. #KingHammerless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone
“I already know that this [beef] was going to go down like this. I know the Hip Hop audience. Ain’t nobody more aware than me,” he said.
For his part, Jay-Z never took part in the squabble. He stated he was surprised Hammer took offence to his bars in "So Appalled," and had kind words for the man in his book.

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