Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are You Ready For The Drama On Basketball Wives Season 2?

No, disrespect to VH1′s new show Football Wives, but I just can’t get into that show…. However, from the looks of the Super Trailer that VH1 just released for Basketball Wives, this season is about to be OD Drama-filled.

What to expect: Evelyn and Susie have a fallen out, Jennifer William’s husband Eric is daring her to leave, Evelyn and NFL star Ochocinco begin a love affair after meeting on twitter, Suzie is now dating a young nfl player and did I mention the main reason why I may be tuning in every week…… TAMI ROMAN (best known for her stint on The very first Real World Los Angeles).
A month ago, Tami straight spazzed out on some of the commenters on this site, which should have been a clear indication that she brings THE DRAMA.
According to the previews, she almost swings on Jennifer Williams for not knowing what a food stamp looks like and she gets into a fist fight with Evelyn during dinner. One thing is for sure, Tami does not hesitate to go upside somebody’s head if she feels disrespected. Her ex-husband Kenny Anderson also sees a bit of camera time on the show as he spits out excuses on why he hasn’t been in his daughter’s life.
Noticeably absent from the trailer is Matt Barnes’ fiancee Gloria Govan and newbie Ashley Walker.
The new season premieres next month. Check out the four minute trailer below

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