Tuesday, October 5, 2010

50 Cent Is Dating Chelsea Handler

Things between late night talk show host Chelsea Handler and her pretend “boyfriend” 50 Cent may be heating up, according to eyewitnesses in New Orleans this weekend.
Now, let me begin by saying that Chelsea loves herself some rappers (on the low) but she’s also very sarcastic so when I first heard she was really dating 50 cent, I brushed it off.  I mean, as long as she keeps her hands off of my Ricky Rozay we are good. Anyway, On a recent show of hers, she told her guests “Everybody knows I’m trying to go black HARD. Me and 50 are working something out!”.  She also revealed that 50 had just sent her flowers to the studio. Days later while promoting one of her comedy shows on the radio, she revealed that he called and left her a voicemail that said “Hey This is 50, I just want you to know that I was serious about asking you out. Just wanted to know if you are single”.  At the time, she was in a relationship but she recently broke up with her boyfriend
….and possibly took 50 Cent up on his offer.
This past weekend, quite a few people saw 50 Cent and Chelsea hanging out in New Orleans after her show.

Wow 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler were just next to us at Mimis and we didn’t even realize it until they bailed! They are together and hopping Nola hotspots tonight in two black stretch Suburbans. (She is in town for a performance, not sure about fitty.) -504oto on facebook
Yes: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in the house. NOT KIDDING. -Richard Read on Twitter
Gotta love bourbon st.!!! Can’t believe we just saw chelsea handler, josh wolf. And 50 cent!!!! -Kate Hollister
50 Cent was spotted with Chelsea Handler in Nashville last Friday. I am surprised the media didn’t pick up on this. -EJohnson11
*shrugs* Well 50 Cent did tweet he wanted to get rid of the Ciara rumors a few weeks ago. Get it Chelsea…


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