Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vashtie Kola First Female to Design A Pair Of Jordan's

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Jordan has announced that they are teaming up with New York-based creative visionary, Vashtie Kola to give her fresh take on the classic Air Jordan 2. This also makes Vashtie the first female to have ever collaborated with the brand.  Who is Vashtie? Also known as "Downtowns Sweetheart" andPharrell's former flame, Vashtie is the designer of brand Violette and has also directed music videos from artists such as Kid CudiSolange and Justin Bieber so its no wonder why the brand tapped her for this design collab. The limited edition sneaker is girly and femminie and features a lavender and deep purple colorway, with silver accents in the laces and on the inside. Keep a look out for the sneakers when they hit shelves October 2!

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