Tuesday, September 7, 2010

J. Cole To Drop New Mixtape, "Villematic"

J. Cole To Drop New Mixtape, Inspiration strikes as J. Cole readies a project for his fans.
You can count J. Cole among the fans of Kanye's latest song, "Devil In A New Dress."
In fact, J. Cole is such a fan of the song that it has inspired him to do an entire mixtape, which he has titled Villematic.
"I'm in a zone. Fuck it. I'ma do a mixtape," wrote the Roc Nation signee on his Twitter account (@JColeNC).
"That beat is incredible, shout to Yeezy," Tweeted Cole regarding Kanye's latest offering. "Much Love. Shout to Bink. I could write a million verses to that."
Although no release date has been set for the project, J. Cole leaked an image that will presumably serve as its cover. The image is a play on Illmatic's, with a translucent picture of an infant J. Cole over top of a picture of a building.

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