Monday, September 13, 2010

Eminem Says He Now Hears Problems With "Relapse"

Eminem Says He Now Hears Problems With
Em acknowledges the accent in last year's album, and speaks to the effect of taking pills before "Encore" and 
"Relapse" as compared to this year's renaissance.
After his MTV Video Music Awards performances last night, The New York Posthas published a new interview with the Detroit, Michigan Hip Hop superstar. The newspaper asked Eminem about the affects of his pain-killer habit on making the Encore and Relapse, albums. Speaking specifically to the 2009 platinum RelapseEminem revealed, "There was definitely a lapse in personal honesty onRelapse, and there’s honesty on Recovery.” The latter is Eminem's top-selling 2010 album.

Additionally, the emcee/producer veteran spoke about his reaction to Relapse now, the album that prompted hits such as "We Made You" and "Beautiful." "When I felt [disappointment in Relapse] was later, when I was reassessing my work — trying to figure out why my songs didn’t sound like they used to sound," explained Em. 'The further I got away from Relapse, I was able to hear the problems with all the accents I was using to slip in and out of characters, and how the serial killing didn’t work. The joke was over — I ran it into the ground."

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