Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drake And Amber Rose Caught...

Amber Rose, Drake, VMAs, New Couple
Even though Drake did not take home a VMA last night, he definitely took home Kanye West's model of an ex-girlfriend,Amber Rose. The two were spotted together outside of one of the many VMA festivities at Voyeur nightclub. After a short-lived "marriage" to Nicki Minaj, what exactly is Drake trying to achieve with Amber Rose? She does not seem to have the best track record when it comes to actual relationships, but she seems like a fun time. However with that said, the two do not look extremely excited to be next to each other. Will we be seeing more of these two or is it as short-lived as Drake's last attempt at nuptial? Well, in the meantime, check out the photos from last night.

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