Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Petey Pablo Explains 9/11 Airport Gun Possession Arrest

Petey Pablo Explains 9/11 Airport Gun Possession ArrestAfter getting arrested for attempting to board an airplane with a pistol on 9/11, the "Raise Up" hit-maker lets fans
know what really happened.
After his arrest for gun possession on Saturday in North Carolina's Raleigh Durham Airport, rapper Petey Pablo spoke to local K97.F FM's "Hip Hop NC" show about the arrest. Initially asked if the act was a publicity stunt, the convicted felon who attempted to bring a pistol onto an airplane via a carry-on bag revealed that he simply forgot about the weapon. "[It] looks terrible," admitted the former JiveRecords artist who now heads up CMG - Carolina Music Group. "A lot of people were disappointed. Understand, the situation...anybody
that knows me knows that I ain't gonna do nothin' stupid," continued Petey. Speaking about his culture, the "Raise Up" hit-maker asserted, "We don't do stupid things."
Claiming that he believed the bag was weighted down with the two Apple laptops he frequentlytravels with, Petey Pablo acknowledged his mistake. "At the same time, I apologize to anybody that I may have let down. Understand, I did something that I thought was right at the time."
Asked about new music, Pablo, who was rumored to be a Death Row Records artist just several years ago said, "It's sad too, 'cause I do got some new stuff comin' up."
Part two of the radio interview is below, you can view part one here.
As Petey Pablo's trial continues, HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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