Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50 Cent Talks Twitter, Defends Soulja Boy

50 has been tweeting like it's his job as of late, but what does he feel twitter is good for? He spoke to MTV News and had this to say: “You know what’s interesting? I look at that platform as another place to express yourself in a different way, to entertain. Not necessarily to create a perception of your actual character, but to be entertaining. When other people used it, it was boring because they were trying to be safe, be politically correct. They gave you the presentation they were taught to give you after they were prepped for publicity. What I gave you was some of the things I’ve seen that were entertaining topic-wise — things that made me laugh. I think it’s healthy to smile. Even though I may have the persona as one of the darkest people in hip-hop culture, you seen me smile as often as — probably more often as — somebody you seen placed in that category.- 50 Cent: MTV News"
He also let people know not to mess with Soulja Boy after his twitter out lash against Fabolous.

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