Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MODEL turned mini MOGUL

The interesting and sexy model Jessica Sutherland is a college student, model, and recently has launched the first stages of her cosmetic line “HUSH”. What more can a 20 year old do? Much more! Here is an inside look behind the life of this beautiful bombshell.

A mogul is a bump in a ski slope, but it also can be used to describe a powerful business icon, like Russell Simmons, Diddy, Donald Trump and Jay-Z. There is a new mogul in town, but this mogul is “Bite- size” and a female. Her name is Jessica Sutherland, model turned mini mogul. This beautiful young women is not only a college student but she recently hung up her modeling crown in order to focus on “HUSH”. The girly, and flirty make up collection that is guaranteed to give you a satisfying look. The idea of creating a make up line has been in process for years. It came when she was complimented by a friend about her lips. She remembers the day like it was yesterday, saying, “I remember the day very vividly. I was at a guy friend's house with one of my best girlfriends. He said to me, "If an artist were to draw the perfect pair of lips it would be yours". But where did the name come from? Everyone wants to know the secret behind the name. Jessica says, "Well, I should have my own line of lip gloss"... I then said, "What should I call it?", both of my friends started rambling names. I had my finger on my mouth thinking. Then I blurted out "HUSH!". They loved it. Then we came up with my motto "Keep it on a Hush".

Creating a make up line sounds like a easy thing to start but there is tones of behind the scenes stuff that is barely brought up until now. There is lots of legal paperwork: Copyrighting and everything else along those lines. She also did her research on other cosmetic lines, in order to make her collection really stand out from the rest. Not only was she the customer, but a business owcosmeticsner as well. Testing looks, scents, colors, textures, etc.

Ms. Sutherland is a busy young lady, juggling her studies and her new business venture. Jessica is taking a few college courses at a time in order to put a full time focus on her collection. She says, “I've cut out modeling completely, and in exchange have been acting on weekends. My boyfriend threatens to leave me often but we work things out. [lol] Its a challenge but it will be very rewarding when HUSH is at it peak. I’m up all hours of the night working on my brand. It works for me.” Jessica cant take all the credit, she has a very small team working alongside herself to create the line. A very small team of people that she has known for years, she adds, “Some are fairly new and are believers of what the outcome can be of the product. Everyone has their own unique personality which is important for me when it comes to bringing more ideas to the plate. I like to keep my team small and to the point as of now.” Why does America need another make up collection, when there is Cover Girl and MAC? The quality is equally as great as those big names but the packaging sets it aside. Hush uses Swarovski crystals and the applicators are handmade. Not only do you get quality, you get appeal with “HUSH” cosmetics. As a women Jessica wants other women to feel Empowered, Luxurious, & Sexy. Jessica adds, “When they whip it out their make-up bag, I want them to be confident like you can't tell me nothing.” Hush cosmetics is just a start for this bite sized mogul, in five years from now she wants her cosmetics line to be more acknowledged and respected. There is also a dream to expand into skincare products and have them be featured in boutiques around the world, she wants to create an empire of everything beautiful.


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