Sunday, July 18, 2010

50 Cent Putting Out The Nude Diddy Pics?! Lil Kim's On The Grass?

50 Cent Putting Out The Nude Diddy Pics?!

An update has come in on the whole nude pics of Diddy and Cassie leaking story. While the story has still not been verified a new twist has come into the plot! Diddy and 50 Cent have been going back and forth lately after 50 lashed out for no reason and called Diddy a bitch in an interview.
Lil Kim’s On The Grass?
Most people speculate it is due to Diddy associating himself with Rick Ross as we all know 50 doesn’t differentiate between his enemies and the people who stand around his enemies. They can all get it and some are saying that 50 is taking his beef with the Didster to the next level and he is the one that is going to leak these pics! The pics still have only been seen by a handful of media people and online weirdo’s, but if this is true please believe 50 will be letting everybody see them.
This honestly doesn’t sound too far out of dude’s range. I mean remember what he did to Khaled’s mother for God’s sake! 50 is a monster in these streets!

Speaking of 50 it looks like his influence in the game extends to ALL corners. When the pics of slimmed down, AIDS patient looking 50 hit the net, most people were shocked and mostly wanted to know…how? Well 50 revealed several times after the whole fiasco settled down that he dropped all his weight by eating nothing but wheat grass shakes 3 times a day and constantly going to sleep hungry. So, Lil Kim took a break from hating on Nicki recently and did a show in LA where she debuted her new slim look. How did she get such a svelte figure so suddenly? Blame it on the grass homie! Word is Kim got on the 50 plan and has been slurping down wheat grass shakes faster than she used to slurp…well anyway, she’s slurping wheat grass now! I personally don’t know what the hell exactly wheat grass is but it doesn’t sound too enticing. Either way though it’s working for her so I say keep at it. Now that we got rid of the fat only if they could find something to flush out the hate in her blood…

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