Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monica vs Vivaca Fox ( after going back & forth on twitter, the ladies make friends


I respect monica for being a Lady!! here status on her Twitter read;
"And that I can respect. everyday, I learn & I grow. This was just another great lesson. Much love to Vivica. Real recognizes real. :)"

heres what monica had to say!
  1. Respect for one another. And in true lady form she told me that she has nothing but love for me and was there to entertain and do a job..
  2. Affected when I'm being judged. However there is NO wrong u can't make right, so like a woman I called Vivica and found we have mutual
  3. Hi guys...on yesterday I had a negative outburst towards Vivica fox after she commented on my outfit. I am human and find myself still
  4. RT @Vick_isVegas813: Aww @Monicamylife thats why we love you always trying to be positive... I TRY....
  5. @MsVirgoCree I fall short sometime but let's be real who likes being judged ALL the time. I just felt another celeb would know that best
  6. Much energy. So as I board my plane I say to my followers. Excuse my outburst. I'm human. and have given myself a positivity checking:)
  7. DONE with the subject. We both spoke our peace and that's the end. Do I have beef with her.. NO... Don't know her well enough to exert that
  8. Pushed I bite back. It's okay if u don't like something I do or wear but I felt it was said nasty. In my efforts to grow. I can tell u I am
  9. I'm getting so many tweets about this civics fox situation that it's driving me nuts. Her response to me hurt my feelings earlier so when

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