Friday, June 11, 2010

Did Rolling Stone Crown Jay-Z The King Of America?

The latest issue of the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine has been released and it features hip-hop superstar Jay-Z on the cover. On the cover RS writes, "How Jay-Z Became King Of America" and with the magazine held in such high regards in the music world, I think its safe to say that the title as king suits Jay well. Jay has had a long running music career in an industry where the audience changes like the time. Since 1998, every solo album he's released has been #1, including projects with Linkin Park and R. Kelly, and he's considered to be one of the best rappers alive by many music fans.

In the feature for Rolling Stone, Jay-z discusses various topics from his life with Beyonce, to the challenges as president of Def Jam. When asked what's was the most difficult meeting while at Def Jam he said, "All of them," which is surprising with all the successful acts he brought to the company.
It seems that Bey and Jay also don't always see eye to eye, as Hov told the magazine about some art he was trying to purchase that Beyonce was not a fan of. Jay was attempting to purchase a black-and-white Laurie Simmons photograph that depicted a "lit pistol with a pair of women's legs emerging from the handle," but Beyonce wasn't feeling the picture and got a piece of art similar to the Simmons photograph, one with a woman's legs coming out of a perfume bottle.
Jay also shares his opinion on music he's feeling, name dropping indie-rock group Grizzly Bear saying, "I love the energy coming out indie rock right now. It has this rebellion thing that hip-hop is missing now, the thing that made hip-hop hip-hop."
Be sure to check out Jay-Z's full Rolling Stone magazine feature, which is in stores now.

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