Monday, June 21, 2010

Court Rules In Jay-Z's Favor, David Ortiz To Rename Club

The Red Sox's David Ortiz has agreed to settle in a lawsuit made against him by entrepreneur/rapper Jay-Z.
The lawsuit stems from Ortiz’s use of the name Forty/Forty for a club he owns in the Dominican Republic. The name was a little too similar to the name of Jay-Z’s nightclub, 40/40 Club.
The New York Post reports that Ortiz’s willingness to settle came shortly after a judge in the case mentioned a possible default judgment.

"My client offered to take down the allegedly infringing Web site, and we're going to talk about the name of the Dominican Republic club," Ortiz’s lawyer, Philip Touitou, told the New York Post. "There is a sticking point with regard to (Jay-Z's court) costs."
The judge in the case, Judge Richard Berman, explained to both sides that a resolution outside of court is the best option. A deal in the case has yet to be made.
"We're going to talk about it, or we're going to litigate," Jay-Z’s lawyer, Peter Ryamond, explained.
(June 18, 2010)
UPDATE: The New York Post reveals that the court has ruled in Jay-Z's favor. Ortiz will be forced to rename his own club, and delete his website (
Neither party has released a statement at this time.

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